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Kitty Litter Causes Radiation Leak

A nuclear waste dump site says the kitty litter may be to blame for their recent radiation leak. It doesn’t get any weirder than that!

Apparently, the dump site mixes kitty litter with any liquid waste to solidify it before storing it for all posterity (because you can’t really trash nuclear waste, now can you!)

Some genius nuclear scientist decided to switch the kitty litter from non-organic to organic. What that genius must have forgotten to do was actually run some “scientific” tests to make sure there wouldn’t be any nuclear reactions! Considering that nuclear science and chemicals are their primary job, I’d have thought they’d retest before mixing the nuclear waste with something new. Guess again!

Various drums and boxes holding toxic waste started melting from the chemical reaction. Twenty-one workers were contaminated as a result. Fortunately, it was low level radiation exposure (I’m assuming that means they’ll recover with little or no lasting effects.)

We can all count our blessings that the new mixture didn’t generate a mushroom cloud over the entire Southwest! Hopefully they’re actively reviewing their safety procedures so we don’t all end up glowing in the dark… or worse!

You can read the original report here.

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Tammy Messina

Tammy Messina

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