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Concerned about the Benghazi cover up and it’s impact on the presidential election, author and human rights activist Pamela Geller wrote the following:

It should send chills up the spine of every American that an innocent man was sent to jail for making a film that offended Muslims. It should send chills up the spine of every American that an innocent man was made a political prisoner in America to save the President’s re-election prospects.

Worse still, the film had nothing to do with the Benghazi jihad; the blame for those murders lies solely with Obama. Why didn’t he give the order to help our people?

Sadly, too many Americans are barely even aware of “the Benghazi situation” and those of us who are aware have probably never given a second thought (or even a first!) about the person who made the video used as the red herring to avert our attention from what was really happening.

Can you EVEN imagine being in that man’s shoes? What must he have had to endure during the arrest and subsequent jailing while the administration lied about the situation and used him as the PATSY?

Think it couldn’t happen to you? Think again! He was just one individual expressing his First Amendment rights to free speech and expression. The next thing you know, he’s in jail. It could happen to you too.

To maintain our personal liberties requires that we continue to fight to keep them. And that means we need to fight for others who are under attack… like the Benghazi Patsy filmmaker.

You can read the rest of Pamela Geller’s article here.

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