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Woman Records “Positive” Abortion Video, “Cool”

Abortion counselor Emily Letts found herself in the awkward and embarrassing situation of having an unwanted pregnancy. Even she admitted that after counseling so many women to use some sort of birth control, she herself failed to do exactly that. And what happens naturally… happened. She was WITH CHILD.

But as I’m sure she had so confidently advised so many women in the past about the safety and inconsequential act of simply doing away with that unwanted pregnancy, she took that her own advice and scheduled her own abortion with plans to video record before, during, and after to prove how simple, easy, convenient, and “positive” an experience it truly could be.

You can watch the video here. What struck me was her complete lack of confidence, both before and during the procedure. She was visibly nervous in the clinic facility. Maybe it was nerves, having such a private moment video recorded. Or maybe it was more than that. We can only go by what she said. And she said it was “cool” and she was fine afterward, with no regrets and no guilt. Good for her. I hope, for her sake, it lasts.

All too often, as women age and mature, the “choices” we made when we were younger come back to haunt us. She made the “choice” not only to abort her baby, but also the “choice” to publicly release a video telling (so far) hundreds of thousands of other people that it’s no big deal to abort a baby by showing them how easy it was for her. Only time will tell if either of those choices come back to haunt her or not.

You can read more about this story and her interview here.

Contributed by Guest Writer and Real Side Producer, Tammy Messina


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