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Do You Value Your Religious Freedom Enough to Vote?


As Americans, we have the right and duty to vote.  It is a privilege to be able to vote.

As Christians, we are blessed to live in a land, by God’s grace, in which we have these freedoms and rights.  We are the Lord’s hands and feet to do His will.  We need to research and vote for candidates who will legislate according to God’s word, candidates who have integrity and will not dishonor God with their votes, actions, or words.

All of us have very busy lives and may not have time to research, go to meetings to hear speakers, listen to candidates, or to read and learn about issues and legislation. But you can talk to someone you trust to hear their recommendations.

It amazes me that so many Americans, living in this great nation, are complacent and apathetic. This is a major reason our culture has spiraled down into blatant immorality and darkness.

In the 1960’s, when God was taken out of schools, where were the Christians? Why didn’t they speak up?  For more than half a century, the enemy has removed anything related to God, the Bible, etc. out of public places, especially schools, and Christians did nothing to stop it.  Since then, we have legalized abortion at will and homosexual marriage, and the public schools have become institutions where most kids are indoctrinated; they graduate from these schools believing that immorality is good/normal and that God is bad/doesn’t exist.

Yes, I know God is in control and we are living in the end times and current events are unfolding as the Bible says they will. Amen.

However, I don’t believe God wants Christians to sit back and do nothing….. That is how we got into this mess. We need to pray….then we need to act. Do not fear – 2 Timothy 1:7. We are to stand on the Rock, stand firm for the Truth, and not be ashamed of Him or His gospel. Be strong and courageous….. – Joshua 1:9. Then how can we just let the enemy silence us little by little??

We, Christian American citizens, are blessed beyond measure to be living here where we have opportunity to vote and elect our leaders.  When we choose not to vote, or we vote for people who support abortion and homosexual marriage, we are contributing to the demise of this country.

Everyday, I thank God that my parents came to America, from Iran, when I was one year old. My parents, and their parents for generations, led difficult and tragic lives which included escaping from oppressive Communist countries and living in Islamic nations where they were persecuted and massacred.

My poor and uneducated parents were excited to immigrate to America, a Christian nation, land of the free! They came with nothing. They came for freedom of worship, freedom of speech, opportunity to work hard, save, and finally buy a house, and for their kids to have opportunity to get an education. My parents worked hard and were happy to be here, to finally live in a land without experiencing persecution and harassment for their Christian faith. They did not come for handouts. They loved America and became citizens as soon as they were allowed.

My mom often told me how she loved to hear the church bells ringing on Sundays in their small town in New York. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long. Soon, the church bells stopped ringing, prayer was taken out of school, and since then, God was slowly taken out of everything. It reminded her of when she was in 2nd grade in the Soviet Union. She had mentioned God and the teacher sternly told her that there was no God and to never speak of Him again, while she sat under a large portrait of Lenin staring down on the class.

Fast forward to 2002, to an elementary school in Valencia, CA, USA. When my son, Daniel, was in 2nd grade, he mentioned God in class and his teacher told him that he wasn’t allowed to speak of Him there. Is history repeating itself? I don’t know about you, but losing our freedom to worship or speak publicly about our faith saddens me… and infuriates me.

America is exceptional, but we are under attack. I do not want this country to be another Soviet Union, where we cannot worship the one true God. I do not want America to be a country where Christians cannot speak or share God’s word without being harassed, bullied, or penalized. In recent years, some Christians have lost their jobs and businesses because of their faith. We need to pray for our country and do everything we can to help our nation survive and thrive under God.

What kind of America do you want to leave to your children?  Will they have the freedom and liberty to worship God?   To speak freely?   To vote for their leaders?

Maybe not. However, is it important enough for you to do something about it?

Please vote.   Use the voice that God has given you.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”  Edmund Burke

“If My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will hear their land.”  – 2 Chronicles 7:14

May God bless you and your family,

Photo credit Erin Leigh McConnell


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