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Double-Voting in North Carolina, It’s How to Win Elections

The North Carolina Board of Elections is serious about rooting out voter fraud, and they don’t care who calls them names in the process. So far, during 2012 elections, they’ve identified 35,570 instances of “double voting.” That means 35k+ people cast a ballot in North Carolina, as well as another state! Oh, you say it’s probably just people with the same name. You’re right! It sure is. And the same birthdate. What are the chances of that happening 35,570 times? Oh, and did I mention, they only cross-checked with 27 of the 49 other states? That means there are 22 other states that could also have instances of double-voting. Folks, this is 35k illegally cast ballots affecting our elections from one state. Multiply that 50 times and we’re talking about throwing an election by a landslide. Those of you who say voter fraud doesn’t exist, there is no proof, etc. What are you afraid of? If it doesn’t exist, let’s investigate it. Close the loopholes. If it doesn’t exist, nothing will change. But if it does exist, then we will have secured our vote. It isn’t about racism or holding down the disadvantaged (like some say). Their votes are being impacted just like the rest of ours. Allowing voter fraud to exist only waters down each and every one of our votes. I don’t know about you, but I want my full vote to count. It’s time to fix this problem. You can read more about the North Carolina findings here. Photo credit Adam Scotti

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