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Champions of the Middle Class?

Progressives have been claiming for years that they are the sole defenders of the middle class, while Republicans are the uncaring supporters of the “rich”, the corporations, and big oil.

The Progressive dream is to implement utopian socialism in the United States. But in order to do this, the middle class must be destroyed. Why? Because the majority of the wealth in this country is held by the middle class, and in a class system like socialism, the wealth must ultimately be controlled by the government. This leaves only two classes of people; the ruling class and the serfs.

The American dream is only possible when individuals have the right to own property. Owning property gives people upward mobility and a chance to gain more wealth and sustain a comfortable life. Progressives believe property should be shared by the collective. Destroying the wealth of the middle class through heavy taxation and currency devaluation had been very successful in reducing middle class purchasing power.

Not only must the wealth be controlled by the government, but the daily lives of the people must be controlled as well. This is ultimately achieved by herding the middle class out of the suburbs and into the urban cities. In the urban areas, people are forced to live in smaller housing, use less energy, less gas, and more public transportation. This makes middle class citizens less independent and easier to control. With everybody suffering the same plight, upward mobility is virtually impossible. Hence, the deconstruction of the middle class.

Americans have a long history of voting for politicians who promise them benefits and handouts. Just like Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of stew, Americans, through their voting decisions and politicians who promise one thing and do another, have sold their birthright to the government, which is almost totally controlled by progressives.

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Teresa Lynn

Life is a journey, and you don't always know where you will end up. I am a happily married, Christian woman of 32 years. I home schooled my children for 19 years, then found my way back to school in 2010 to study hotel/restaurant management. I enjoy reading, playing tennis, and politics. I love my country and I am passionate about preserving our liberties and our freedoms. Too many politicians, academics, and media talking heads are lying to us on a daily basis. My mission is to encourage people to become more aware, more involved, and more outraged at how the politicians, academics and media talking heads are destroying this great experiment called, America. My favorite saying is "what goes around, comes around." I may not see the coming around in my lifetime, but I believe it will come, God willing.

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