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Hillary’s Book Soon To Appear in a Bargain Bin At a Bookstore Near You

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Hillary Clinton, known affectionately to Michelle Obama as “Hildebeest”, has written a book entitled “Hard Choices”.  Mrs. Clinton and her adoring minions fully expected this tome to sell like hotcakes; unfortunately for her and them, it’s a MacMuffin world.  Sales have been tepid, no doubt due to the fact that HC’s accomplishments are few, in spite of her being a former senator and secretary of state.  Her main claim to fame is that she married a conscience-less womanizer who got elected governor and then president.  She self-righteously stood by his salacious side in order to advance her political aspirations, and in doing so, attacked a number of her husband’s victims and ruined the lives of several of them.

That her self-serving book has tanked may be viewed as just desserts,  but definitely not hotcakes.

Read more about Hillary’s failure to hawk her wares to a wary nation

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I am a former brain-dead liberal (Massachusetts-born Democrat) who had my epiphany right after 9/11. Bush's "Axis of Evil" speech was the nail in the coffin of my dependence on my feeeelings for forming my political beliefs. Big reality check... A former feature film development executive, I consult privately with writing clients of all stripes, passionately advocating for the material, and do some writing of my own. I also function as a "professional expert" in story development and screenwriting in the Southern California community college system. I am a firm believer in low taxes, strong defense, American exceptionalism and the glorious, marked differences between men and women. While I fear for the future of our country, I am determined to do what I can to combat the Kool-Aid drinking forces of ignorance and mental and intellectual sloth that have twice put a Marxist fraud in office. Widowed in 1997, I am the mother of two elderly sons whom I graciously allowed to survive the teenage years and am happily ensconced in the very liberal enclave of Silver Lake in Los Angeles. While I am able to live well amidst the kumbayas, I often ponder the possibility that my second husband will have a place in conservative, Pasadena-adjacent San Marino. #hopespringseternal

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