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Kevin Mooney: Green Group Harassing Local Farmer?

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If you think the Bundy Ranch incident was an isolated occurrence, think again! Investigative reporter, Kevin Mooney shines a spotlight on government overreach bordering on (if not completely crossing into) harassing local farmers. Take a look at this story (excerpt below) and see what our government is doing… and if you think this couldn’t happen to you (because you’re not a farmer) think again! Once they get a legal foothold and start invading one industry, it’s only a matter of time. You could be next!


Almost all property owners with easements must endure routine inspections by the land conservancies or other organizations that enforce the easements. Usually, they are low-key and friendly. Landowners are apprised of violations, and the sides work together to address them.

This is not the case with Martha Boneta.

She told Marmet and Kane when they entered her property in June they could inspect only what the easement language allows. “It’s very clear,” she said. And if they “exceed what the language says, it is considered trespassing. In the past, you have demanded to inspect my closets and have photographed my personal private possessions, and this exceeds your authority.”

“Martha [Boneta] stood up and resisted, and so now she is being targeted,” DeWeese said in an interview. “But this is not just Fauquier County. We see this happening all over the country. The PEC is one of many quasi groups operating behind the scenes. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of green groups just like the PEC pulling the strings of government.”


Editors Note: These excerpts are reprinted with permission courtesy Kevin Mooney. Read the full article at


Kevin Mooney is an investigative reporter and author who writes for several Washington D.C.-area based publications.

Photo credit Kevin Mooney

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