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No Proselytizing! Public Schools are Supposed to be Neutral

Oregon residents attempted to deny a network of religious (Christian) clubs from expanding to schools in their area. Naturally, they invoke that “separation of church and state” clause which exists nowhere in our U.S. Constitution.

But what’s the problem anyway? It’s a CLUB, not a curriculum. It isn’t school-sponsored. It’s happening after school hours on the school campus (like every other extra-curricular club).

One of the protest organizers said:

they find Christian Bible “doctrines are harmful to 5-year-old children.. They teach shame.”

I hate to break it to you, but not all shame is bad. Someone should be ashamed for lying, stealing, cheating, and murdering. The Bible also teaches you to love and respect both yourself and others. What about those teachings?

The protester went on to say:

It just seems wrong that they are using public schools for proselytizing.”

Once again, I hate to break to him, but proselytizing isn’t just for Christians and religious folks. It also applies to political doctrine. And if you think political doctrine isn’t being pushed in schools, on campus, and in the curriculum (especially here in California), think again!

And then he said:

 “Public schools are required to be scrupulously neutral.”

Public schools ARE neutral. They don’t advocate religion of any sort. They do, however, make accommodations for religious needs, including time off for religious observances and even setting aside places for Muslim children to pray during the day.

But he’s not referring to the institution of public schools. Now he’s expanding the terminology to include the public school building and campus, which was never the intent.

Pay attention folks. This is how they shift the narrative. One little adjustment here and there. In this instance, not even changing the words, just slight adjustment in the meaning. Most people won’t pick up on it. This is how our rights continue to erode. The only way to stop it is to speak up and speak out. Hold your ground.

And guess what? The Supreme Court ruled that these clubs have a right to be on public school campuses. Religious freedom? Nope. Free speech!

You can read more about it here and here.

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