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FFRF Says no discounts for Christians!

Bailey’s Restaurant posted, “Happy Sunday, y’all! Bring in your church bulletin and receive 10% off. We open at 11:00. Have a blessed day.” on their Facebook page.

Seems like a nice thing. Like clipping a coupon from the Sunday paper. Show up with your church bulletin and receive a discount.

Enter the Freedom From Religion Foundation sounding the battle cry of religious discrimination against atheists. Really? Yes, really!

Hey atheists, just drop by your local church and pick up a bulletin. Most churches hand them out at the door. They’re free. You don’t have to stay. It’s like stopping by the 7-Eleven to buy the newspaper to get your discount coupon (like anyone else who wants one). Only this one’s FREE.

Sadly, I won’t be qualifying for this discount. My church doesn’t have church bulletins. Does that mean I’m being discriminated against?

But what I really want to know is… why do all of these atheists want to eat at a restaurant owned by overt Christians who have plastered Bible scriptures ALL OVER THE WALLS??? When you walk in the restaurant there is a “scripture wall” with a plaque saying “God is at the center of our lives.” Definitely sounds like a place atheists would want to patronize, right?

You can read more about this story here, then “Like” their Facebook page and show them some support and encouragement. We do still live in America where there is still religious freedom… as long as we hold onto it!

Photo credit Bailey’s Pizza, Searcy, Arkansas


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