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Illegal immigration, they don’t really want to become Americans

Not all illegal immigrants want to become American citizens. An Arizona legislator reads a letter from a substitute teacher detailing how illegal Mexican students disrespect the teachers and apparently have no interest in learning. The teacher describes how students come without paper or pencil and when provided with materials, they use them as projectiles, and proceeded to destroy textbooks.

The teacher wrote that illegal students claim that the U.S. was stolen from Mexico and they intend to reclaim it for Mexico. These don’t sound like people who’ve come here for a better life or because the U.S. is so wonderful. This is a group of people who are intent on invasion and takeover.

This video is from 2011, but it is still relevant today. The problems are still the same. I know that not all Mexican illegal aliens hate the U.S. But enough of them do to cause a problem. Which is why our border needs to be sealed and the laws that are on the books need to be enforced.

Hat tip to the for posting this jaw-dropping video.

Photo credit Michael L. Dorn

Tammy Messina

Tammy Messina

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