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Marion Barry doesn’t think following the law is important

This is what it looks like when an elected official forgets that he works FOR the people in his district. Citizens and journalists ARE supposed to hold our representatives accountable for their actions. And they most certainly ARE supposed to uphold and abide by the laws.

Washington DC Mayor Marion Barry doesn’t think following the law is important enough to warrant scrutiny. Granted, with all the other junk going on in WashDC, something as trivial as parking tickets can seem like a witch hunt. But it speaks to a larger issue of Mayor Barry’s integrity. And the way he handled the reporter shows exactly his level of respect (or lack thereof) for the press.

He could have applied his “shocked” face and simply said he’d look into it and been done with it. But he didn’t. He was condescending, flip, and arrogant. I’m surprised he didn’t say “I have people for that.” It would have fit perfectly with the elitist attitude he was putting on.

Good job Emily Miller for being tenacious enough to press the issue and not giving up even with the condescending insults.

You can read more about Emily and the story here.

Video via FOX 5 DC

Photo credit Tom Bridge

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