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American Flag Shirts Banned at School

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Yes, American flag shirts have been banned at an American school, on American soil, paid for by American dollars. Why? Because on Cinco de Mayo apparently the American flag is “incendiary.” So rather than teach the children who are offended by the American flag to respect those who respect the flag… a better solution is to BAN the American flag. Right? WRONG!

Do you think that shirts displaying the flag of another country were also banned?

Sadly, the school banned the American flag shirts and the 9th Circuit Court (supposedly an American court) has upheld the school’s right to ban them. Why does something like this happen? Because people don’t see the value in doing research on candidates, walking precincts and phone banking for candidates, or even voting for silly positions like school board members or judges or governors. Those people hire the school administrators and appoint the judges.

If we don’t make sure that the right people are in office, then decisions like this will continue to come down and we will continue to lose our rights one by one. Are you ready?

You can read more about the case and ruling here.

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