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Mom faces jail for helping daughter with abortion

A Pennsylvania mom is in a lot of trouble for providing her an abortion-inducing drug to her teenage daughter. She’s looking at 12-18 months in prison. Pennsylvania requires abortions to be performed by physicians. The pill was obtained online from Europe. Why she didn’t go to a doctor to obtain the pill is not mentioned in the news report. But suffice it to say, she didn’t.

Reportedly, the daughter wanted to have an abortion, but the family did not have insurance to cover the procedure and could not afford it. The closest non-hospital facility was 75 miles away. Unfortunately, they ended up in the hospital anyway because of the painful cramping. Didn’t they know that was going to happen when she aborted the baby?

Now, don’t get me wrong. You know I think abortion is wrong. But there are just so many things wrong with this story it’s hard to pass it up.

Both mom and daughter approved of her having an abortion. In California, the daughter could have had the abortion during school hours without her mother’s consent.

The Reuters (via Huffinton Post) account of the story compares this instance to the case where a man forced his girlfriend into taking an abortion pill by sneaking it into her drink. Uh… that’s not even the same thing fellas.

And where are the pro-abortion advocates coming to the aid of this mother who is about to be imprisoned for assisting her daughter’s “right to choose”? If it’s legal to abort a baby, why is this mother being put in jail for over a year? Yes, I understand it’s against the law for her to “perform” an abortion. But don’t you think that law was written prior to abortion pills? I’m pretty sure they were simply trying to eliminate the dangerous backroom butcher abortions, which clearly, this is not.

I guess the girl should have just driven herself over to Shippensburg, PA and gotten an abortion pill from the university vending machine. Of course, if the teenager had done that and still ended up in the hospital, would she be sent to prison for giving herself an abortion?

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