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Rebekah Maxwell: Military officer barred from entering daughter’s school campus in uniform

From Common Core math to sex ed in kindergarten, our kiddos are learning all kinds of questionable lessons in the public classrooms. And if those lessons offend any parents, we’re often politely told to stuff it….keep calm and enjoy the indoctrination of your offspring.

But surely, the most importance lesson drilled into a student’s developing brain is that of tolerance: we don’t judge people on how they look or what they wear, but we must accept their differences.

Except when that person is a parent in a military uniform. That’s too offensive for our poor 16 year-olds’ sensibilities.

As Independent Journal Review reports:

A Lieutenant Colonel was escorting his daughter to Rochester Adams high school in Michigan, when the man in uniform was rudely informed that he would not be permitted to enter the premises.

The reason that the military officer was given? His uniform ‘might offend people.’

Say what now?

The security personnel hired by the school told the 24-year veteran Lt. Col. Sherwood Baker that if he wanted to take his daughter inside the building, he would have to go home and change clothes.

Lt. Col. Baker’s wife Rachel Ferhadson told WJBK, “before he was allowed in, the security guard stopped him and said ‘sorry you’re not allowed in the school.’ Security told him men and women in uniform weren’t allowed because it may offend another student.”

Picture that scenario: A veteran officer, whose taxes pay for said school, who has served his nation for almost a quarter-century, who is a parent of a student at said school…and a school-day security guard decides to step to him?

Because the mere sight of a man in American military dress is “offensive” to teenagers…in America? Such a grievous potential danger to the high schoolers’ psyche, that we’re willing to offend a military officer with a lifetime of service defending them from enemies with big guns and bad attitudes.

The school superintendent Robert Shaner, who is a military veteran himself, went out of his way to apologize to the family for the misconduct of the security personnel.

Good for the superintendent. It makes one wonder if the delicate high schoolers had known about his military record, whether they might have been (gasp) offended.

To sum up:

Teachers giving lap dances to their students?: Not offensive.

Teaching students that the Holocaust was a hoax? Not offensive.

A ban on student Bible classes, but allowing Muslim prayers in school? Not offensive.

But a dad in an army uniform peaceably walking down the hall? Why, I never!

How dare we remind ourselves that we sleep peacefully in our beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on our behalf! Shall we not make mock ‘o the uniforms that guard us while we sleep? Our better yet, never see them. Just hide them away from view, the last vestiges of an archaic America, secure and sovereign.

After all, we wouldn’t want to offend our enemies.

Editors Note: This article by Rebekah Maxwell is reprinted from courtesy Steve Deace via Liberty Alliance


Rebekah Maxwell grew up from stage to stage in a Midwestern gypsy band, singing and playing music with her family. She was homeschooled from backstage to the front pew, a system that suited her independent, slightly contrary, nature. She completed her high school work at age 16, and then promptly got a job as announcer at a local radio station, opting for a career that combined music, microphones and live performance with a steady paycheck. She began reporting and producing at WHO Radio in 2007, with on-air work recognized by the official alphabet soup: the AP, IBNA, NBNA, RTDNA, NAB (all the while staying far from the TSA and UFOs). While she attended Drake University to learn the ropes of legitimate broadcast journalism, she’s also been quoted as saying that her experience with the Deace Show has been at least as educational as college (and at a lower interest rate). She delights in debating religion, politics, and all other subjects impolite at the dinner table. Her favorite time of year is Caucus season, and she’s an accomplished slam poet, ready to spit the truth…in mad rhymes, if necessary.

Photo credit The National Guard

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