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Shocked at Catholic church teachings

A gay couple in Montana was shocked to be denied communion after the priest at their Catholic church learned of their recent civil union. Really? Why were they so shocked?

Both were actively involved in the church volunteering their time and energies. It would seem that being that involved in the church, they certainly would have been aware of church teachings which consider homosexuality to be a sin. Maybe they were, but didn’t think there would be any consequences.

But the Catholic church has historically denied communion to those who are openly sinning or opposing Catholic scripture and doctrine. Possibly in recent years clergy has been less rigid about enforcing that practice, but that doesn’t mean it was done away with.

What’s so perplexing is the fact that people want to be part of a religion with beliefs that are opposed to their own. Why do they want to be part of a church that doesn’t believe like they do? Even worse, why are they so intent on trying to change the church? It just doesn’t make any sense to me.

Stop trying to change church teachings. They aren’t a club. And you can’t just change the “bylaws.” Christian churches believe their teachings are the inspired word of God. If you have trouble with the scripture, you need to take it up with God. There are plenty of other churches to attend. It’s time to find one who’s beliefs line up with yours.

You can read more about this story here.

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