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Allen West: When will someone stand up to atheist bullies?

I have always maintained that one of the most important elected positions in America is on the school board — and a recent decision validates that assertion.

Previously we reported on the Madison County High School football team’s monument, donated by a private citizen, that drew the ire of the Wisconsin-based atheist group, Freedom From Religion Foundation. The monument featured two Biblical verses, Romans 8:31 and Philippians 4:13. This atheist organization of offended individuals demanded the monument be removed, covered, or altered. The decision was to be taken up by the county school board, and yesterday they ruled – the wrong way.

As reported by the Washington Times, “A controversial monument at the entrance of a Georgia high school football stadium will be altered to remove its biblical scripture after atheists complained it was offensive. The Madison County school board voted unanimously Tuesday night to have the monument altered, following a nearly two-hour closed session to discuss the issue, Madison Journal Review reported. The monument gained national attention when it was erected in August. Two different groups sent letters to the school system arguing that it violates the separation of church and state and demanding it be removed. Board member Robert Hooper made the motion to have the Bible verses removed or covered up, saying he did so “with great consideration and concern for all students”, Madison Journal Review reported.”

I just have to ask, why was the school board meeting held in closed session? This was a community issue and why were these elected officials not willing to deliberate and make their decision before the community — the people who elected them to represent their interests on local educational governance?

And I will be completely forthright and ask, when will we have any group that will stand up to these secular humanist atheist groups and tell them to “pound sand” and go away? If they bring forth a lawsuit do not comply. There has to be a point when these destructive but vocal minority groups are met with resolve.

What would have been the problem with bringing the decision before the Madison County High School student body? Who gave the FFRF, a private advocacy group from Wisconsin, any dominion over what is happening in Georgia?

Was there a student or group of students who filed a complaint to FFRF asking their interests be defended? If this religious monument which currently reads, “If God be for us, who can be against us?” from Romans 8:31, and, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” from Philippians 4:13 was offensive — can someone state why?

I don’t think the folks in Wisconsin are coming down to Madison County High for some “Friday night lights.” And nowhere is this monument promoting an establishment of religion or forcing anyone to adhere to the verses displayed. If you don’t like the monument, well, don’t look at it.

According to the Times, “the local newspaper said that as soon as the announcement was made, there was a mass exodus of about 150 people who had showed up, most in favor of the monument. “We are not here as haters, we are here to love all,” said Theresa Gordon, who was invited to speak during the closed session, Madison Journal Review reported. “It seems as if these [atheist] groups are here as haters, willing to spend millions to remove God from [our society], which means they are antichrists by definition – they must have hatred in their hearts to fight so hard to remove him from this small object that was placed for others to enjoy.”

I agree wholeheartedly with Ms. Gordon. The definition of tolerance for the progressive socialist Left — to whom secular humanists are allies — is that they only tolerate that which they define as tolerable.

Imagine if Christians attempted to force their beliefs upon the Left — heck, there are some secular humanists like Mikey Weinstein who believe Christians in the military who profess, witness, or display their faith are guilty of sedition and should be court-martialed.

What hatred does this Wisconsin-based group possess in order to target a religious monument in sleepy Madison County, Georgia? What is becoming of our First Amendment right of “freedom of religion and the free exercise thereof?” Oh, I guess the secular humanist leftists will define and declare what freedom of [from] religion is and where there can be a free exercise.

Even more disgusting to me is the lack of moral courage to look these atheists in the eye and simply state — how can something you don’t believe exists be offensive?

I’m deeply disappointed in this school board and its decision because what these folks just did was reinforce and reward the abhorrent behavior, actions and tactics of the Freedom From Religion Foundation who are laughing at them and seeking out the next Christian target to devour — no different than the lions of the Roman coliseum.

If the Freedom From Religion Foundation challenged the Obama administration giving $9 million to a Catholic organization to defend illegal aliens — a violation of church and state, using American taxpayer dollars to conduct “political activity” – maybe I wouldn’t be so critical.

FFRF is an atheist bully organization that relies on Christians just taking it and turning the other cheek. Sometimes the only way to deal with a bully is to fight back — something the school board of Madison County, Georgia pathetically failed to do.

Editors Note: This article is reprinted from via Liberty Alliance


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