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University offers abortion course for medical students

UC San Francisco will be offering the first ever abortion course geared toward health and medical students. We’ve been hearing the reports about how today’s youth are more pro-life than in previous years. Many chalk that up to the sophisticated technology, including 3-D ultrasounds, that make it impossible to deny the humanity of that baby growing inside a woman, regardless of how many weeks it has developed.

According to ThinkProgress “Nearly 60 percent of abortion doctors are over the age of 50, and there aren’t enough new doctors being trained to replace them.” We aren’t running low on doctors. Just doctors willing to make abortion a practice.

So now they have to offer a course to doctors-in-training in the hopes of convincing them that being an abortion practitioner is a noble profession and that abortions are in the best interest of the patient, even though it actually murders one of the 2 patients involved in the procedure! What happened to that oath do “do no harm”?

According to the course description:

Abortion is safe and has lower morbidity and mortality than childbirth when carried out by trained practitioners in sanitary conditions

Of course, their only referring to the mortality rate of the pregnant woman, not the child in the womb.

This new brand of brainwashing is necessary to ensure the survival of the abortion industry. With the decline of abortion doctors there’s no wonder that several states are pushing for abortions to be performed by lesser trained practitioners. So much for wanting to keep women “safe” by only allowing doctors to perform the procedure.

I thought legalizing abortions was to make sure women were kept safe? Maybe not.

You can read more about this issue here and here. And see the course description and an introductory video about the class here.



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