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Vandalism condoned on college campuses

Apparently vandalism is condoned on college campuses… as long as it’s against a pro-life display.

The Students for Life group at Portland State University got the necessary university permits and spent hours assembling their display called the “Planned Parenthood Project.” The group’s participants were yelled at, cussed at, intimidated, and their display was significantly vandalized… while they were there. They were concerned and feared for their safety, so they called the campus police… who told them it was those students’ rights to express themselves by stomping on and destroying their display. Sound like free speech?

Ultimately, the people who vandalized the display wanting to drown out the message actually brought more nationwide attention to their cause highlighting the fact that 915 babies are aborted every day. And that means their are 915 women who are potentially hurting and traumatized from it.

The pro-life message focuses on abortion and many think it’s just all about saving the life of the unborn. But it’s also about promoting the health and well-being of the woman who will ultimately be impacted as well by an abortion. Abortion kills the baby, but it also leaves a scar on the woman.

Students for Life mobilizes young adults with a pro-life message. You can help support them here. And you can read more about this story here.

Photo credit Students for Life

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