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2014: Thrashing our safety and trust

Christian Talk Podcast

“Perceive the harmony which serenades the illusion.”

Overridingly, there’s too much fear that someone’s personal information will be used against them for all the wrong reasons. So, are we quietly going into seclusion to protect against the impending takeover?

The date is 1933: the German people thought they were free. Yes, an underlying sense of “something is wrong” kept sweeping over them. What it was exactly, they could not pinpoint. But something serious was happening right under their noses. History and the world soon found it was not going to be a picnic.

Fast forward to 2008-ish. All of sudden we see too many things not as they are expected to be. The IRS and NSA (and other heavy hitting government agencies) are operating in rogue fashion with seemingly no oversight, control, and accountability. People are being taken away. Neighbors, soldiers, statesmen, and clergy are no longer the stalwart citizens we thought they were. Our private lives are being made public access and we begin to feel the pinch of a controlling organism. What it is, exactly, we cannot pinpoint, but something is happening and we know it. It is that feeling you get when you walk into a room and have an overwhelming sense of “watch your back.”

People have a sixth sense that most ignore and have long ago turned off in “trust” – (It Could Never Happen Here; Sinclair Lewis 1935.) This 6th sense is our under-the-belly safety monitor which our sophisticated society has deemed to be no longer necessary to listen to. In fact, it is what saves us from our selfishness and discomfort of dealing with such things head on.

The air of pretense of all is okay is being sent our way by all of the media and only those listening to their gut seek elsewhere to find answers. The skill of questioning the “questions” and questioning the “answers” has been declared as “unfit thoughts.” As we are told “the government is the only thing we all belong to” says we can’t question the “almighty’s word.”

Education has taught for almost 50 years in ever more strength and persistence you are going to think what we tell you to think and all other thinking is forbidden. Children in classrooms are subjected to drug therapies to “control” behavior to support a no conflict allowed mentality. This strait-jacket approach is captivating more students for a life of drugs to control their nature in order to make them acceptable.

Free thought is soon to be a thing of the past. Pacification is the mantra of the future. An underground network of free thinkers will be all that is left. They will be guarding themselves against identification and maintaining non-alignment publicly for any of those “bad” associations.

I have felt for more than 15 years the steady onslaught of personal freedom being sucked out of our lives. Embattled bureaucrats, families, spouses, communities and the nation are in a fight for supremacy. On one side, the Constitution is no longer the governing wisdom, it is too old to be valid. On the other, the masses now know only what they are taught and it, by its roots, must disagree with everything previously thought to be right or wrong.

Our freedom has been stolen and replaced with the government bible; don’t do as I do, do as I say and be quiet about what you really are thinking or you will be punished. If need be, severely if you are too vocal.

They call it the left and right. None of this matters because the blinders are on; don’t offend or call wrong and right what it really is. Our balance of objectivity has been replaced with biased weight of government. Be careful or you may be, as is said in the Giver, “released to elsewhere.”

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