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Kevin Jackson: Religion gone in a generation?

The Left would love to eradicate religion, and one atheist compared religion to slavery.

You read that right.

Atheist scientist and cosmologist Lawrence Krauss, Foundation Professor of the School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University argues that religion will disappear like slavery did in the US, and that religion can be eradicated in one generation.

He also argued that religion will go the way of slavery and opposition to gay marriage.

“This issue of gay marriage, it is going to go away, because if you’re a child, a 13-year-old, they can’t understand what the issue is…It’s gone. One generation is all it takes.”

“So, I can tell you a generation ago people said there is no way people would allow gay marriage, and slavery – essentially – [gone in] a generation; we got rid of it.”

“Change is always one generation away. So if we can plant the seeds of doubt in our children, religion will go away in a generation, or at least largely go away. And that’s what I think we have an obligation to do.”

How will this happen? Through indoctrination by “education.”

“People say, ‘Well, religion has been around since the dawn of man. You’ll never change that,’” said Krauss,

An obligation to do it, he says? You now know the stated goal of wackademia.

Krauss is a self-described antitheist, and he is fighting against religion. He and Richard Dawkins, he created the documentary “The Unbelievers,” about the importance of science and reason as opposed to religion and superstition. Because that’s what people like Krauss would like religion to be thought of, as superstition.

Nevertheless, we can see the trend lines in our culture, mostly the mischaracterization of religion.

According to Pew Research Center polling. Some 25 years ago, only 5 percent of Americans identified as non-religious, or not affiliated with a religious group. Today, that figure is around 20 percent or more in the general population. This figure grows to 30 percent in the 18-25 age group.

Douglas Jacobsen, a professor of church history and theology at Messiah College in Mechanicsburg, Penn says,

In fact, entire societies have tried to eradicate religion – twice in the 20th century alone – and failed…In China, leaders eradicated virtually all religion and it still didn’t destroy it. Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, all made a resurgence.

The same goes for Russia and Eastern Europe. In the Soviet Union, the Church was obliterated for generations of people who were forcibly raised to be secular…And yet, today about 80 percent of Russians identify as Christians.

After years of explicitly trying to eradicate religion, they failed.

The Left don’t understand belief in something they cannot see, even with all the proof around them. So what the remote control changes the TV, it’s not possible for God to exist if an atheist can’t see Him.

God is the very reason slavery doesn’t exist. It was Christians who fought against slavery, not secularists. That’s because true Christians understand and truly value human life.

There is something in our DNA that understands religion, or man’s journey to understand himself and find his Heavenly Father. We generally do so through good deeds, until we learn that no matter who good we are, we remain worthless in the eyes of God. Thus we continue to seek, looking for that feeling of happiness we know exists. We search for that nothingness, but not empty nothingness, but ironically a nothingness that is completely fulfilling.

Editors Note: This article is reprinted from courtesy Kevin Jackson via Liberty Alliance


Kevin Jackson is a highly sought national speaker and best-selling author. He is a contributing writer to BigGovernment, American Thinker, and his work has been featured in Townhall magazine. Jackson hosts a daily radio show and does many guest appearances on some of the more prominent conservative radio shows around the country.

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