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More tolerance: Straight pride makes you an “a**hole”

Yes, openly having “straight pride” apparently make you an “a**hole”. It’s as if we learned nothing about tolerance from the whole gay movement. Given the ostracism gays have endured over the year, you’d think they’d be the most tolerant and accepting of all. Maybe they are. I don’t know what persuasion author Shane Jordan professes to be (nor do I care), but that lesson on tolerance was most definitely lost.


When the LBGT community demands equality, what they really mean is they want an elevated status. Rather than being treated like everyone else they want to be a protected class of people with special rules. Keeping with this hypocrisy, at least one Huffington Post writer is furious that anyone could possibly be proud to be straight. Only gays are allowed to be proud of their sexuality in the equal but unequal world of homosexuality.

Straight Pride…Really? is as much of a hissy fit as you could imagine. Apparently there is a growing social media movement of straight people posting pictures and proclaiming their pride of normal sexual behavior.

You can read the rest of this story here.

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