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Rodney Lee Conover: Obamacare Killed the DNC Star

In fact, Harry Reid had a filibuster-proof 60-vote majority in The Senate! Remember?

So what happened? ObamaCare happened.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (sounds funny now, doesn’t it?) thought she would go down in history as the greatest speaker ever (for me to poop on) if she could do what no other Democrat before her could do: Pass Socialized Medicine.

On Dec. 24, 2009, she bribed, cajoled, lied and using an arcane method of legislative chicanery historically used traditionally to correct punctuation in bills primarily – “deemed” to pass and the biggest boondoggle the nation has never wanted was birthed.

ObamaCare. Nobody read it, nobody wanted to. “We’ll see what’s in it after we…” force it on Americans who we know were solidly against it. Americans even desperately shoe-horned Scott Brown into Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat to be the deciding vote against it.

It took a lot of Democrat votes in deep blue Massachusetts to do that, by the way – but no matter – Pelosi and Reid got it to Obama’s desk by the slimiest and deceptive means possible. It was nothing short of criminal and certainly un-Constitutional.

But I guess they had naked Polaroids of Justice Roberts, because even after it was declared a tax that did not originate in the House – the Chief Justice appointed by GWB rewrote it and made it stick.

– OR –

John G. Roberts is a genius who knew ObamaCare would single-handedly put Republicans back in full power of Congress, State legislatures, Governorships, Dog Catcher Departments and who knows what else – maybe even the White House.

Should I give Roberts the credit? .. Pa-lease. I’m going with the nude Polaroids. But I digress..

When Americans saw what happened in 2009 with the disastrous Affordable Care Act being foisted on us, the true grass-roots rose up and threw Ms. Nancy out of power in 2010 and damn near did the same with Reid. All in reaction to ObamaCare.

Then Americans went back to working and raising their families. I’m of course talking about real Americans here – not Obama voters with their hands out, looking down at their Obama phones and camping out in the park to protest the very scumbags who financed Obama to a second term.

When real Americans realized John Boehner was not going to use Article One of the Constitution and do what the people put him in power for, they rose up again last week and threw Reid out too. Make no mistake – ObamaCare was the driving force.

Republicans have gone to great lengths to not touch ObamaCare over the past four years because it is the golden campaign goose they rode back into the majority. “I will vote to repeal ObamaCare” was and is the mantra. Your Democrat opponent doesn’t even have to be for ObamaCare or have anything to do with it. Just keep repeating it over and over and you win.

President Obama stupidly and selfishly bragged that all his issues, including Obamacare was on the ballot in 2014. All the while Democrats fighting for their lives were saying; “Who’s this Obama guy you keep mentioning again?”

Democrats may be a bunch of leftist, power-hungry, greedy, lying, used car salesman – but they’re not stupid. Obama screwed them.

Obama said ObamaCare is working for Americans all over the country. My ex-doctor and ex-health insurance agent might disagree along with millions in California alone. I can’t figure out if Obama doesn’t care, or is just too much of a narcissist to know the damage his signature piece of crap has done to Democrats and the country.

Bottom line? After November 2014’s results and elections over the past few years, 28 Senators who voted for Obamacare are out of the Senate come January. Call me crazy, but that’s not a coincidence for a place with traditionally low turnover.

Way to go you fools – what did it get you?

Even the Obama administration knew Obamacare was a liability going into the midterms, which is why they pushed open enrollment and insurance rate hikes past the election to November 15. Didn’t fool anybody.

Here’s the problem though. ObamaCare is the Republicans best issue to run on since.. ever. Therefore, they’re going to want it for 2016, won’t they?

You betcha’. It’s here to stay, friends. All the talk about repealing it is baloney – Obama will veto that and the GOP will not – I SAID WILL NOT – use the power of the purse. McConnell has already said so.

I keep hearing that Ted Cruz hurt our cause by shutting down the government. The 2014 results say otherwise. Shut it down, defund and de-flower this horrific Marxist program now.

Yeah, right. And kill the golden goose that laid the GOP majorities? Hah!

After the shellackingV.2 Barack Obama said he was open to hearing Republican ideas about how to make Obamacare work better. I bet they have a few.

Editors Note: This article is reprinted from courtesy Rodney Lee Conover via Liberty Alliance


Rodney Lee Conover is an editor for Follow and Friend Rodney Lee on Facebook – no one refused.

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