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Could Obama want chaos in our streets?

Guest Post By: Morgan Brittany

If Barack Obama really wanted to change the tone in this country, he had the perfect opportunity to do it before the verdict was announced in Ferguson, Missouri. When he took to the microphone on the evening of Nov. 24, he could have spoken words that possibly could have made a difference and could have diffused some of the violence that occurred in that city and others. Rush Limbaugh hit the nail on the head when he said that Obama could have changed the whole dynamic of the situation, but he didn’t do it. Instead, he missed a golden opportunity and chose instead to actually sympathize with the opponents of the grand jury’s decision.

As I sat watching the split screen on my television, with Obama on one side and riots breaking out on the other, I couldn’t help but hope and pray that he would say something, anything, that would harshly condemn this type of behavior. Instead, he almost sounded as though he condoned it and felt that it was all right for these people to violently express their disgust and distrust of the judicial system. He wasn’t showing anger and contempt at those that were burning businesses to the ground, destroying the property and dreams of hard-working people who had nothing to do with the verdict; instead, he was showing sympathy for the hoodlums in the streets!

All Americans who were watching this spectacle knew it was coming. We all were prepared because virtually every media outlet telegraphed it days in advance. The police department knew, the National Guard was called out, yet as we watched our screens, no one did anything to stop the destruction! Why? Why was the National Guard not stationed in front of every business threatened or at least in front of the most vulnerable?

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