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Excerpt (work in progress) from KoE Volume II

Evan Sayet pens a great piece on How The Modern Liberal Thinks!


In The KinderGarden of Eden: How The Modern Liberal Thinks, I explain what I call the Modern Liberals’ “Cult of Indiscriminateness” and how their rejection of discriminating thought (which, for reasons explained in the book and elsewhere, they see as the evil act of bigotry) leads them to side only and always with evil over good, wrong over right and the behaviors that lead to failure over those that lead to success. In Volume II (in progress) I’ll be expanding on this to include the pathologies of Modern Liberalism (including the rise, spread and now epidemic nature of the mental illness of Narcissism), how their rejection of discriminating thought leads them to their specific policies (pro-abortion, anti-Israel, etc), the industries of Modern Liberalism and how the language of Modern Liberalism spins reality 180 degrees. Here’s a brief excerpt from that chapter.


With nothing ever to be recognized as superior, the Modern Liberal movement found itself with nothing positive to offer the American people. Previous attempts to truthfully sell their agenda of nihilism and narcissism as itself being positive – with slogans that honestly reflected their ideology such as “tune in, turn on, drop out” and “if it feels good, do it” — were overwhelmingly rejected by the masses and repeatedly led to landslide defeats for the Democrats seeking national office.
The True Believers recognized that if they were going to achieve success in spreading their “Cult of Indiscriminateness” beyond the isolated compounds of the college campuses and a handful of radicalized cities like San Francisco and Hollywood, they would have to repackage their message and hide their true agenda.

Recognizing both the inherent fairness of the American people and the fact that, as a nation of immigrants, tolerance and openness to new ideas was something in which Americans took great pride, the True Believers quickly settled on the idea of selling the indiscriminateness they sought as the “diversity” the American people cherished.

But, whereas the American people thought the True Believers’ efforts to be merely evidence of their support for the American experiment and the greatness of America itself — an endorsement of the “melting pot” that had seen America take only the best from the myriad cultures the immigrant populations had brought with them from around the world – the True Believers had something else in mind entirely.

That is, while the American people believed the Leftists’ calls for “diversity” meant a full menu of options from which society – by employing critical and moral judgment – would choose the good and right options, the Modern Liberals were really selling diversity, as with all things in the Cult of Indiscriminateness, devoid of critical and moral judgment. It was a policy that would, as Modern Liberalism invariably does, champion all that is most evil, failed and wrong while concurrently undermining all that is good, right and successful……..

Read the rest at Evan Sayet

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