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It beginning to look a lot less like Christmas!

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Can you feel it in the air? Can you tell what time of the year it is? It starts in September… rapid fire… What are we doing for Halloween? Thanksgiving? and Christmas, err, I mean the holidays? Almost no one has an issue with Halloween. And after years of telling the little ones to take nothing from strangers, we dress up our little people, scare the life out of them, and then tell them its funny! Make sure you check your candy and don’t talk to strangers, except those people in masks giving out candy, because they’re not really strangers, they’re just people dressed up strangely giving out candy you might not be safe with…

And then there’s Thanksgiving. If you can get past the revisionist history stating that Columbus mascaraed the Indians and then gave thanks, and you decide to study up on the real story instead of swallowing the load of garbage you’re being fed… you will simply give thanks and enjoy the time with your family…

Then the real battle begins. No, not the one deciding what to buy for whom or who gets a gift at the office and who doesn’t. Not even what credit card to max out. It’s making the decision about whether or not you can say “Merry Christmas.” Well can you?

I was at S####cuts the other day, I noticed that there were NO Christmas or holiday decorations. When I asked them why, I was told the corporate office says there is not to be any type of celebration of the Christmas or holiday season. Odd! Why is that (even though you could by a little gift card with a snowman on it… confusing)? “We might offend someone,” she said. Well, you just did. Me! And I make up 72% of Americans who say they believe in God and an even larger number who say they are not offended when offered a Merry Christmas in a genuine way.

Some of you who listen to my radio show know that I regularly do a “Faith Friday” segment. I have had a Rabbi, atheist, Pastor, Swami, spiritualist, and others and when asked if they are offended by Christmas the answer is usually no! When you ask most people in the streets the answer is once again, no! So what’s the problem? The majority of people have spoken! “Let them eat cake!”

Look, the real problem is a small group of people who think justice is done only when “they” are satisfied with the outcome. The Earth is off its axis and tilting more towards insanity every day. We have a school district declaring that gift exchanges in the classroom can’t be done because they are too “religious” in nature. Huh? Giving someone a gift is religious or only done during the holiday giving season? You atheists better stay away from gift giving and receiving!

Then there was a school district banning Santa from being on the school grounds during the day? Huh?! Why? Because he is a religious symbol. Really? When did that happen? Then there was the group who asked us to boycott the Santa bell-ringers for the Salvation Army. Seriously? Why? Because the Salvation Army doesn’t condone the gay, lesbian, and transgender lifestyles. However, if a gay, lesbian, or transgender person shows up at a Salvation Army establishment for help, they are not turned away.

And here’s where the 99’ers come in. Why is it OK to say Merry Christmas? Because 99% of the American population will smile when you say it and it is usually followed by “and a Merry Christmas to you!” And that’s a good thing.

Because Christmas means that 99% of the people are actually out there focused and hunting down something they can get or do for someone to brighten up a person or loved ones day! And that’s a good thing.

And for a brief period of time, YES, Christmas-time, more people are employed, families take the time to come together, and as painful as it is at times, work to enjoy each other’s company. And that’s a good thing.

And even the atheist, non-CHRISTmas believer takes advantage of this time. They usually get the day off with pay or work it at double time and a half. The government takes the Christmas break off (so much for separation of church and state… where is that again?)

And for those of us who really understand the meaning of the season. We got the best gift of all. Yup, Jesus. The ultimate gift given to us. And He really is the reason for the season and the reason we have the season.

So whether you believe or not, whether you prefer Happy Holidays or not, too bad. I got the column today and you will receive a Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year from my family to yours…

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