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Can Drones Save Lives?

Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) may be the next technology to help get medical supplies, vaccines and other supplies to hard to reach areas.

When the roads are closed, damaged or non existent drones can help in the rescue of people in need after a disaster.

Not to mention the efficiency of the drones, they eliminate the need to have a pilot in the sky. Drones can also stay in the air longer than a helicopter and they are smaller so they can access difficult areas in a disaster.

Just imagine what this means for the world and the humanitarian response protocol. Drones have been put into the testing phase and a ten year plan has been put in to place to help deliver emergency supplies. These drones would be somewhere between military grade and the do-it-yourself (DIY).

“By transmitting cellular and Wi-Fi signals using a mesh network, UAVs have the potential to restore critical communications for citizens following a disaster” explains Lynch.

Another short term goal for drones is to reconnect affected populations and responders when the disaster may have shut down communication and information networks.

Although there are many benefits to having drones help with humanitarian response, some concerns have been raised on the ethical aspect of the drones.

Some worry that this can invade the privacy of others. What do you think? Do the benefits out weigh the drawbacks?


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