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Cartoonists around the world boldly respond to Paris massacre

Our Founding Fathers had it right, without a free press and free speech, there would be no free society and we would be forever oppressed by some tyrant somewhere.

The Paris massacre may look like a religious jihad, and in one respect, it is. But it is also a political statement. In many Middle Eastern cultures, religion, government, and culture are wrapped up in one neat package. You can’t separate them. For these Muslim extremists, it isn’t just about religion. It’s also about ruling and reigning over us. It’s about imposing their religious views onto our culture and our legal system (which is our governance).

These cartoonists died for their right to free expression. They also died for ours. It’s time we took a stand.

I can’t imagine how scary it must be for other cartoonists to take up their pens and be as bold as they’ve been, but I applaud them. None of them are safe from people like the murderers at Charlie Hebdo. Yet they choose to speak out anyway.

You can speak out on their behalf by sharing their bold artwork. Silence is acquiescence. What will you do?

Be sure to take the time to look at this post with a fine collection of the many artists’ responses to the Paris massacre. Trust me, it’s worth your time.

Photo credit Francisco J. Olea

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