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Hey Lena, stop “oversharing” and you won’t be so offended

Feminist activist Lena Dunham says that the terms “TMI” (short for “too much information”) and “oversharing” are too “gendered” and “trivialize female experiences.” Huh??

I’m female. I use these terms. I’ve heard these terms being used. I’m not offended. Are you? Am I just missing something?

Personally, I’m just tired of these over-sensitive, liberal, whack-jobs redefining everyday words into something taboo. If we keep going down this road, we’re going to run out of vocabulary and completely eliminate the art of conversation!

Since Lena is offended by “TMI” and “oversharing”, I can only assume she’s being told she’s doing those things too often! Maybe she should just learn to keep some things to herself.

You can read the full story here.

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