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Holocaust Survivor Reunites with American Solider Who Saved His Life

Joshua Kaufman, Holocaust survivor, was a former prisoner in the Dachau concentration camp in Germany and was reunited with one of his liberators, U.S. Army veteran Daniel Gillespie.

Overcome by emotion Kaufman states,”I have wanted to do this for 70 years. I love you, I love you so much,” Kaufman, who had always dreamed of meeting one of his liberators again, told Gillespie, HuffPost UK reported.

Here is a story of a true hero that went out and served our country and help saved countless numbers of lives. It restores my faith in humanity when you can come across such a heart-warming ending.

The meeting was arranged by director Emanuel Rotstein, and will be featured in a documentary, “Liberators of Dachau,” according to a press release from the History Channel.

Ironically, 70 years after being freed from the camp, these two men only live about a two hour drive away. Kaufman resides in West Hollywood and Gillespie resides in Huntington Beach.

“I came out of hell into the light. For that, and to him, I am eternally grateful.”Kaufman.


American soldiers came and freed more than 30,000 prisoners at Dachau. Kaufman said he was overcome with emotion.

If it wasn’t for American soldiers such as Gillespie, Kaufman may not have been able to have a long life and a family of his own.

Sometimes as Americans we take for granted the freedoms that is given to us. I could never imagine the pain this man had to face during his time at Camp Dachau, but by sharing his story it helps make the world aware of what has happened.

By educating others of the horrific things people can do to one another we can help prevent this from happening again.

Remember, don’t forget to thank a solider.

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