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She Sold the Child for Sex Because She Needed the Money

Becoming a mother is one of life’s biggest challenges and blessings all wrapped into one. There are many families who have been trying to have a baby, and for whatever reason still cannot conceive.

Then, there are monsters in the world like this Indiana woman who was arrested after admitting to authorities to selling her baby for sexual relations multiple times.

Natisha Hillard, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court on accusations that she sold her baby to Christopher M. Bour for sex multiple times and was present when it happened.

How could anyone do such a thing to an innocent child? There is not a harsh enough punishment for people like this.

Hillard, met Bour through an online dating service in 2011 and that’s when she agreed to have him meet her at her house, and he began to inquire about the girls.The girls were only 4 months and 3-years old at the time the horrific incidents began. The crime lasted from 2011-2013, until an acquaintance of Bour reported the acts to authorities after being asked to engage in the acts.

Hillard told law enforcement after she was arrested that she agreed to sell the children to Bour because she needed money. Bour argued in his case to pay no restitution, since the girls were so young they won’t remember the abuse.

Bour even paid Hillard extra for his last encounter to be alone with the child. Hillard was sentenced to 30 years to life in prison. This is ludicrous that this man actually is justifying his sexual abuse by saying that the girls will not remember.

Rudy Lozano U.S. District Judge also cited a licensed clinical psychologist’s report, which said that while an infant “may not retain a ‘cognitive memory’ of their abusive experiences, they are likely to sustain numerous later difficulties based on that ‘betrayal in infancy.’” The psychologist said support from a mental health professional is essential for a person who was sexually abused or exploited as a child to deal with possible reactions to the abuse.

At least these two monsters are behind bars now, but unfortunately the psychological damage for these little girls is permanent.


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Photo credit Abdul Nafiu Abdul Samad

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