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Idiots: UC Students Divest from U.S.

So the geniuses over at the University of California’s student government think it’s a good idea to divest from the U.S., Israel, and numerous companies because they oppose the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Nope. I’m not kidding. These are some of our “best and brightest” who will soon enter our workforce and one day move into leadership roles in our country. And they think it’s a good idea to “divest” from the country that they live in.

So how does that work, exactly?

Will they be sending any State and Federal subsidies that they receive back to their source, because you KNOW California state universities are seriously subsidized.

Will they no longer accept US dollars for payment? Or, for that matter, any currency from US banks because you know those US banks are transacting with US dollars.

This is what happens when Liberalism runs amok in those academic settings and Liberal think-tank professors brainwash impressionable young minds with Liberal drivel.

We need to immediately stop subsidizing these universities and let them fend for themselves without US taxpayer assistance. Sink or swim. Succeed or fail. But do it on your own. I refuse to subsidize your unpatriotic stupidity anymore.

You can read more about this story here.

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Tammy Messina

Tammy Messina

Christ following, wife, mother, grandmother, and small business owner with passions for holistic wellness, gardening, raising critters, and preserving our Constitutional liberties especially free speech, religious freedom, and the 2nd Amendment. God gave me the most wonderful husband, who I love dearly and am grateful to have the opportunity to work with every day as his Producer in this Real Side venture. When you see my posts, they are truly mine. So please don't hold him accountable for what I write. Contrary to what some say, I'm not a Stepford wife. I have my own opinions and am willing to share some of them here.

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