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The Gap Between Rich And Poor is Rising

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In a recent article in The Huffington Post by Christine Armario, said that the College Completion Gap Between Rich And Poor Students Has Doubled, Study Says.

The percent of students from lower income families of $34,000 or less have increased since 1970, there has been  6 to 9 percent since 2013. However, the students who came from wealthy families has risen dramatically in a 44 to 77 percent completion rate.

College is hard enough on its own with out figuring out a way to pay for school as well. It is no surprise that the students who came from a family of wealth have a higher completion rate.

The study was aided to support President Barack Obama’s proposal to make two years of college free. His proposal would benefit a projected 9 million students each year. This sounds good, right?

The problem is that this money that is going to be giving students a free two year education is going to cost taxpayers an estimated $60 billion over a 10 year plan.

Not only is this going to raise the National Debt in our country but it almost gives students a false hope. The cost of classes will be covered but, these students will still have to work for living expenses and to continue their education upon entering into a four year university.

What do you think the solution should be?

Should community college be free?

Read the full story The College Completion Gap Between Rich And Poor Students Has Doubled, Study Says

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