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Which Founding Father was Muslim?

President Obama keeps reiterating the lie that Muslims were integral in founding America. As if him saying it a thousand times will somehow make it an actual historical fact. This is how revisionist history happens folks. In a recent speech, President Obama said:

“Here in America Islam has been woven into the fabric of our country since its founding.”

Woven into the fabric, yes. Since it’s founding, no. Unless I missed it. Which Founding Father was Muslim? *queue the crickets*

In August 2014, wrote an article about this very topic, quoting Obama who thanked Muslims for “building the very fabric of our nation” and claiming they were in part responsible for “the core of our democracy” (more delusional history rewrites). They followed it up with a breakdown of what the Founding Fathers and early presidents actually said about Islam at various points in history.

“Far from incorporating Islam into America’s early tapestry, their own writings reveal the Founding Fathers were at war with the creed and its adherents.

In 1801, President Jefferson sent the Navy to the Barbary Coast to stop Islamic pirates’ reign of terror on U.S. merchant ships. Jefferson read the Quran to understand what was motivating the pirates, and he learned that the Muslim holy book commanded the faithful to “plunder and enslave” non-Muslims.”

You can read the full article here as well as coverage of Obama’s most recent speech.

Photo credit Wikipedia via Virginia Museum of Art



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Joe Messina

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