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Ferguson: Confusing “retribution” with “justice”

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Have you wondered why things are so out of control in Ferguson, MO after the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) findings in the death of Michael Brown?

The folks in Ferguson aren’t happy about the Michael Brown verdict, claiming there’s “no justice” for Brown. I think they’re confusing “retribution” with “justice,” because justice was delivered. The desired retribution was not.

So now some of the folks in Ferguson take matters into their own hands and begin shooting police officers. News flash… this isn’t the wild west! And just because you don’t like the outcome of our judicial system doesn’t mean you get to exact the punishment you think the court should have.

Sean Hannity went down there and interviewed some folks, like this guy, John Muhammad. John is apparently a clerk at a neighboring city/town.

John thinks the police set themselves up to be shot so they’d get more publicity. And in a recent Tweet, John calls himself a “professional agitator.”

You can watch the video here. H/T

If this is representative of the hard-working people in the Ferguson area, no wonder things have gone haywire down there! Now it’s just a matter of how to fix it. This one isn’t going to be easy.

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