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If you aspire to be The Joker, seek medical help

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If Liberals don’t like it, they classify it as racism or sexism. Now they’re protesting a DC Comic book cover promotes rape culture. Guess what, we should be appalled at a cover like this. And we should have a discussion about it… about how WRONG it is to treat women (actually anyone) like that.

In the image, The Joker has Batgirl in a threatening position. Helloooo… The Joker is a CRIMINAL. Since when do we aspire to be the bad guy?

Putting an image like this on the cover should evoke a visceral reaction in readers, because we shouldn’t be treating anyone that way. It should evoke feelings of empathy for the victim and the urge to rescue her from her attacker.

If it makes you want to be like The Joker and do that sort of thing to another person, you need mental help. No, I’m not joking. Seek medical treatment because you’re losing (or have lost) your humanity and something inside you is seriously broken.

Art is supposed to evoke feelings and generate conversation. Looks like this artist did his job.

And talking about criminal behavior or rape, does not mean mean we’re promoting criminal activity or rape culture. It means we’re having a conversation.

Sadly, DC Comics caved to the Liberal pressure.

The real question is… does this image make you feel empathetic toward Batgirl, or make you want to rape someone?

H/T The Independent

Photo credit DC Comics

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