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Republicans capitulate to Dictator Obama

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I have come to the conclusion that Obama and the Democrats wish a one party nation with dictator Democrats in charge. The Republican leadership is either oblivious or agreeable to this change in the US political paradigm as the Republican leadership continues to go along with what the Democrats want.

Is this paradigm shift of moving the United States to one party because the Republican Party leadership understands what the Democrats are doing or because they are too old and afraid to stand up to the tyranny of the left or simply not willing or able to grasp the flux of history that is over taking them? The Republicans will be judged by history. The only question is whether they will be viewed as modern versions of Neville Chamberlain being out matched by evil, destructive Obama.

Case in point: IRS scandal, Benghazi scandal, National Debt and Deficit scandals, Obamacare scandal, Keystone Pipeline, allowing illegal aliens to register to vote and vote scandal, serial liars Susan Rice, Lois Lerner, Kathleen Sebelius and other administration lackies, are promoted not fired from their jobs. Why are they promoted and not fired? Because these people are, or were, successfully conducting Obama’s radical left bidding, Obama saw that they received promotions and higher pay to keep them quite.

Case in point: The release of Hillary Clinton’s illegal private email from her time as Secretary of State was fortuitously discovered by a Romanian computer hacker, not from Freedom of Information Requests. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was required by Federal law to only use the secure email account provided by the State Department for official business. Her unsecure private email account with which she conducted back door official communications and business with the White House including state secrets was deliberately designed to circumvent numerous Federal laws, the national archives and FOA requests.

Case in point: President Bush spent American lives and treasure to remove the radical Islamists from Iraq and return the oil rich nation to its citizens. When Obama deliberately, openly declared defeat and left Iraq he surrendered America’s achievement to ISIS and Iran. Both ISIS an Iran have stepped into the Iraqi political void deliberately created by Team Obama, which included Hillary Clinton.

Case in point: Obama’s military departure from Iraq and the region left Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Tunisia, Afghanistan, Turkey, Egypt and Jordan open to attack by Iran and ISIS. Benghazi, Libya was the signal by Obama that the radical Islamists could begin their assault on these nations with Obama’s Muslim blessing.

Case in point: Obama’s traded Five (5) Taliban generals held at Guantanamo Bay Prison for one American Army deserter, who happen to be Muslim. The Taliban generals have retaken the field of battle against the US, while we have yet to hang the deserter.

Case in point: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a speech before a packed joint session of Congress where he outlined Obama’s and John Kerry’s negotiations with Iran wherein Kerry and Obama are going to allow Iran’s development of thermonuclear weapons. Netanyahu also spoke about the lack of any discussion by Kerry, at Obama’s direction, on Iran’s development of Intercontinental ballistic missiles that will be able to reach anywhere in the United States.

Nancy Pelosi immediately attacked Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu as a liar, but was unable to explain her position, other than to offer several bald face lies about what Netanyahu said. People who listened to Netanyahu’s speech immediately knew and understood that Pelosi was lying. The Democrat liars include Pelosi, Clinton and the numerous administration operatives. Obama holds the distinction of being the Liar-in-Chief.

So why is Obama doing all of this? First and foremost, Obama hates the British just as much as his father hated the British. Why? Because the British, along with the French, at the end of WWI and WWII carved up the Middle East and much of Africa, including Kenya, where Obama’s socialist father lived. Obama’s father and step father were Muslims, hence Obama’s affinity for Muslims over Christians and Jews. When President Bush stepped foot in Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States became the British Christian crusaders that Obama hates. To punish the United States and its Christian crusading people Obama must get rid of the Republican Party, then the Constitution, become dictator Obama and destroy our economy.

Make no mistake Obama has already started down the road to his goal of destroying our economy. To that end Obama has unleashed the EPA on American businesses with the specific goals of destroying one target at a time, incrementally, so as not to be noticed.

James Madison wrote us a warning in Federalist Paper #10, about men in one branch of government, with the desire to conduct their “wicked projects”, and how the Constitution provided a framework to stop them, but only if men in the other 2 branches of government would be willing to stand up and fight.

So far the Republican leadership in the House of Representatives and the Senate has refused to stand up and fight the Obama evil. Does this mean that the Republican Party leadership has accepted Obama’s agenda for the United States? God help this great nation.

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