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Global Warming Caused Malia’s Asthma… Sure it did…

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Yes, President Obama said it… global warming caused Malia’s asthma. I’ve been waiting to hear a REAL journalist question that statement. First off… exactly HOW would he prove it? And then there’s that little smoking habit he has. I’m sure that couldn’t have contributed in any way… naaahhhhh.

Are there any journalists left? Are they all so sold out to Messiah Obama that they’ll just accept anything he says without question? Or are they all just too scared to call him on the carpet for ridiculous statements that have no basis of fact?

They don’t even have to call him a liar. Just make him provide proof for the claims he makes. Especially ones like this one. Good grief!

Asthma, Obama, Global Warming
Asthma, Obama, Global Warming

Cartoon credit A.F. Branco at Comically Incorrect

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