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The Lefts Social Indignation smoke screen!

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Apple CEO, Salesforce CEO, Connecticut and New York Governor to name a few are outraged at Indiana’s new Law, Its discriminatory! Its hateful towards the LGBT community they wont support it and the HOLLOW rhetoric goes on.

This is a kin to telling your wife how much you love her as your beating her..

So Apple CEO says He detests Christians in Indiana But doing Business With Muslim Countries That Stone Women and kill homosexuals well thats OK! the CEO of Salesforce basically said the same thing while doing business and having a major presence in a country that jails homosexuals and has a long history of human rights atrocities.
Gov Cuomo is going to CUBA another country that jails and abuses its homosexual population.

The only truth in the outrage of the left on this issue is its dedication to being hypocrites!

Read more at HYPOCRITES

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