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The Muslim States of America!

We the people of the United States elected a Muslim President in 2008 by electing Barrack Hussein Obama. Obama declared The United States a Muslim nation and himself a Muslim in his address on June 3, 2009. What this declaration meant has not been entirely clear until now, although it did create a firestorm of protest at the time.

Other great conservative thinkers and lesser known pundits have already reached the following conclusions that I am now listing in this paper. Historical events often tell us the reason that certain actions were taken.

The reason that Muslim President Obama and Secretary of State and Muslim sympathizer John Kerry are negotiating with the Iranians right now is to encourage the Iranians to continue enriching uranium for the eventual development of thermonuclear bombs, put those nuclear bombs on ICBM’s that Iran already has in its arsenal and take out New York, Chicago and possibly San Francisco. Muslim Obama would then surrender just like the Japanese did at the end of WWII.

There is no other reason for Obama’s absurd negotiating proposals being offered by John Kerry to the Iranians at this time. In case you have not been watching the news, while Kerry and Obama are pitching their agreement proposals to the Iranians, the Iranians at home are chanting “Death to America!” To be negotiating with the leaders of Iran who chant Death to America!, while conducting the negotiations that include enriching uranium in 10 years by the Iranians is absurd on its face. When Obama’s true goals become fully understood as I just outlined above, then it makes perfect sense.

Once Obama surrenders he would suspend the Constitution, impose Sharia Law, declare himself Caliph and the United States his caliphate and we would be a Muslim nation over night with the opportunity to convert or die.

The thousands of Muslims that have been illegally infiltrating across our southern border would rise up and at least attempt to take over our governments, local, state and federal from the Christians. This explains why Obama and every other Democrat is fighting to keep the border from being secured. The result of Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional actions would result in immediate civil war within our borders – God help us.

The attempted  takeover by Muslims at Obama’s direction, would be easier if the Justice Department’s Fast and Furious plot to sell guns to Mexican cartels under Eric Holder, had not been discovered, as it would have been the excuse Obama needed to take all guns away from law abiding Americans. Fast and Furious failed, but time is running out for Obama to realize his true goals and ambitions, so he is forced to skip over this part of his plan.

Why else would Muslim Obama and Kerry couch their negotiations with Iran with wording that the United States finds it acceptable for Iran to develop and build thermonuclear bombs, just not within the next 10 years? That makes no sense. Why are Obama and Kerry thinking of allowing the Iranians to continue enriching uranium, ever? Team Obama has at its disposal many economic tools to stop the Iranians from enriching uranium and if that is not enough Obama has TR’s Big Stick!

Team Obama, which includes Kerry, Hillary, Reid and Pelosi and other democrat leaders have been allowing the Iranians to buy missile technology from North Korea since Obama was first inaugurated. As a result the Iranians have built their own ICBM missiles capable of reaching anywhere within the US. The only things that the Iranians need to fulfill their ambitions are thermonuclear bombs to put on those missiles, and then use the missiles and bombs on the United States and Israel.

If Muslim Obama should attempt something like what is outlined above all personnel in the Secret Service, the Pentagon and all federally sworn persons would have to immediately make some unthinkable decisions – whose side are they on? Do they remain loyal to their oath of allegiance to the Constitution and the American People or do they continue to serve Caliph Obama and his minions?          Turning to the Republican Congressional leadership like Boehner and McConnell would be a waste of time as the Republican Congressional leadership has been going along lock-step with Obama’s actions, legal and illegal. Given, that the current Republican leadership is not willing to stand up to Obama’s illegal actions on a daily basis must mean that the Republican leadership is just as big an anti-Constitutional group as the Democrats.

Whom in Washington, D.C. would the constitutionally loyal personnel in the Pentagon, State Department, Treasury and all of the other federal agencies turn to for leadership back to the Constitution in the face of tyranny on an unprecedented scale? The answer is the 48 Senator’s who signed the letter to the Iranians 2 weeks ago, attempting to undermine Obama and Kerry’s illegal, unconstitutional negotiations with the Iranians!

These courageous members of the US Senate are Heroes in the truest meaning. Not only are these Senators having to fight with Obama, they are having to fight with Republican Leadership that is Republican In Name Only. It is the conservative members in Congress, both the Senate and House, and the conservative Governors in the States that would have to fill the Presidential void as best they could. Yes, there would be a shakeout period, but the Constitution would be returned to its rightful place and order would return the United States to a Christian nation that it has been since the Founding.

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Writing under a pen name, "sneaker" is an historical author and political opinion writer who contributes from time to time to The Real Side. Sneaker's opinions are uniquely his/her own. Read them (or not). It's entirely up to you!

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