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When the Left Attacks…Indiana

If you’ve ever wondered what the dangers of a completely Left-leaning media establishment would be, the current fiasco with Indiana should be a case in point. The Left, it’s media talking heads and IQ-short but loud celebrities are shouting from the rooftops to stop all business with Indiana, and its (as they say) foul state of bigotry.

But have you heard any of these talking heads mention the 21 other states that already have the same law on their books? Nope.

Derrick Gordon, the first openly gay basketball player in men’s Division 1 basketball even tweeted this week on his (misguided) view, asking if the people of Indiana would be able to discriminate against him between play in the Final Four held there.

I don’t know Derrick, you played in Dallas last year, and Texas already has that law on the books. You didn’t seem to have any problems with it then.

Unfortunately it’s easy to see (to anyone willing to look) why this is such a big issue now, for Indiana, but didn’t create anywhere near this level of national uproar when the other 21 states who have this law on the books put it to a vote.

It meets the current agenda of the administration and it’s subservient lap dog media. And, even more unfortunately, millions of American’s are following along without ever taking a second to think for themselves and ask why now?

That being said, I’m not taking the position of being for or against the law. I am coming out against government intervention in the private sector, and trying to highlight the fact that many of our fellow Americans are allowing themselves to be worked up into a frenzy over a law that was passed in almost half of our states already, because it fits someone else’s agenda to make it an issue now.

I’ve never had any qualms of being extremely vocal about my positions as a Conservative Libertarian, as most of my fellow Special Operations veterans are. We don’t believe the government has any right to step in and tell a private enterprise what to do: that’s the job of the free market.

And the free market is doing its job quite well, but again in a very partisan fashion. Many companies and organizations have come out and said they will withdraw all business and conventions from Indiana in response to this public outcry.

But again, it just fits their agenda: if they were to stop doing business with the 21 other states who have the same law on their books, it would do serious harm to their operations.

Just as we’ve seen, time and time again, someone has to be a scapegoat when the Left has an agenda, and unfortunately that scapegoat is Indiana for the time being.
The Left loves to shout that everyone should have their right to their own opinions, as long as their opinions agree fully with what the Left believes.

But if you differ from their opinions, or in this case just differ when they don’t have anything else to complain about at the time, they will attack, and not many of their followers will take the time to do their own research.

Picture of Robert Patrick Lewis

Robert Patrick Lewis

Robert Patrick Lewis was a Green Beret OIF/OEF combat veteran with 10th SFG(A), is an award-winning author of “The Pact” and “Love Me When I’m Gone: The True Story of Life, Love and Loss for a Green Beret in Post-9/11 War” and the host of “The Green Beret MBA” and “Center Mass with Rob and Silent J” programs on Vets on Media.

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