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No REAL US temperature change since 1930

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The difficulty of accurately measuring average temperatures around the globe and across the United States has helped fuel the conflicting claims regarding climate change.

Purveyors of the belief that mankind is catastrophically impacting the global climate insist it’s getting warmer year by year.

But a new, improved system to assess surface temperatures established in 2005 by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA, indicates otherwise.

In fact, the U.S. Climate Reference Network — comprised of 114 pristinely maintained temperature stations spaced relatively uniformly across the lower 48 states — finds there has been no warming for the past 14 years at least, noted the Powerline blog.

While historically the U.S. has been considered to have the best records, surveys show that over half of the nation’s weather stations do not comply with written standards, pointed out Powerline contributor John Hinderaker.

Some are next to airport runways and many are in cities, where temperatures are artificially inflated.

“And on top of all of that, the alarmists who curate weather records have systematically fiddled with them, lowering temperatures that were recorded decades ago and raising recent ones, to exaggerate the supposed phenomenon of global warming,” he wrote.

Climate-change skeptics have pointed to examples such as Penn State Professor Michael Mann’s iconic “hockey stick” graph purporting to show a spike in average global temperatures in the 20th century.  Mann lost a defamation suit last week after failing to present evidence to back his claim. Critics argue his graph doesn’t take into account periods such as the Little Ice Age and the Medieval Warming Period.

Read the rest at: NOAA says no change

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