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Religious freedom STILL under attack!

Christian Talk Podcast

Do we cling to freedom and liberty or do we surrender the Republic to the socialists and secularists? Do we stand up for the First Amendment or do we allow ourselves to be silenced? Do we defend the right to bear arms or do we allow ourselves to be disarmed? Do we stand up for the unborn or do we turn a blind eye to a modern-day genocide?

“It’s time for Christians to stand for their faith,” evangelist Franklin Graham said on the Fox Nation special, Todd Starnes: Culture Jihad. 

Socialism is on the rise. The Bill of Rights is under assault. People of faith are facing persecution. Gun owners are in the crosshairs. And our public schools have been turned into anti-American indoctrination centers.

A leftist mob made up of socialist politicians, academic elites, raging feminists and basement dwelling pajama boys has partnered with Antifa, illegal aliens and other radical groups to finish what President Obama started – a fundamental transformation of our nation.

“The soul of our nation is at stake right now,” Dr. Robert Jeffress said on my Fox Nation special. “I believe that if the left ever seizes control of the White House again – and both chambers of Congress – it is not going to be incremental change, it is going to be a radical change.”

Vice President Mike Pence sounded the alarm during his 2019 commencement address at Liberty University.

“Throughout most of American history, it’s been pretty easy to call yourself Christian,” Pence said. “It didn’t even occur to people that you might be shunned or ridiculed for defending the teachings of the Bible.”

The vice president was widely ridiculed for his stark assessment of the state of Christianity in America. But the truth is in recent years Christians have faced unrelenting attacks in the public marketplace from secularists and the sex and gender revolutionaries.

As the vice president so rightly said – some of the loudest voices for tolerance have little tolerance for traditional Christian beliefs.

“The truth is, we live in a time when the freedom of religion is under assault. We live in a time when it’s become acceptable and even fashion-able to ridicule and even discriminate against people of faith,” the vice president told the assembled crowd.

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