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Judge allows parental rights to stand!

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As leftists in authority continue their legal onslaught against compassionate care and therapy for individuals with unwanted same-sex attraction, a major victory was handed down in Tampa, Florida.

In a ruling issued last week that will likely reverberate throughout courts in other states, Life Site reports that a federal judge “permanently struck down a city ordinance that prohibited licensed counselors from providing voluntary talk therapy” to minors seeking help to reduce or eliminate their unwanted same-sex attractions, behaviors, or identity.”

In his ruling, Hon. William F. Jung determined that the city of Tampa had overstepped its bounds in its controversial regulations that prohibited therapy by licensed practitioners which falls squarely under the jurisdiction of the state.

“Nothing is more intimate, more private, and more sensitive than a growing young man or woman talking to a mental health therapist about sex, gender, preferences, and conflicting feelings,” Judge Jung said. “The Ordinance inserts the City’s code enforcers into the middle of this sensitive, intense and private moment. But this moment is already governed by Florida’s very broad rights of privacy, something the Ordinance ignores …The Florida Constitution’s privacy amendment suggests that government should stay out of the therapy room. The Tampa Ordinance does not address this constitutional issue, and in doing so the City attempts to occupy a very private space, contrary to a strong statewide policy.”

“The Ordinance eliminates this long-standing parental right without discussion or exception — Florida already occupied this ground,” the judge continued. “Parental rights, which the Florida Supreme Court has noted are fundamental and protected by the state constitution, are reduced or increased within Hillsborough County, Florida, depending on whether one steps across the Tampa city line or not.”

“With due respect for the citizen legislators on the Tampa City Council, none are skilled in mental health issues, nor are any of the City’s code enforcement personnel,” Yung stated. “In contrast, the Florida Department of Health, with its skilled adjudicatory bodies, is equipped to address this dynamic area of psychotherapy.”

Judge Jung also offered a long list of points agreed upon by the city’s own experts in the field that utterly decimates the leftist rationale behind so-called “conversion therapy” bans, including:

Read the rest at: Gender Fluid

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