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I yam what I yam. Let me tell you that this little sweet potato is mighty proud of her roots.  While family ancestry can only be traced back for numerous generations, the “mother root” was planted with the Neanderthal caveman’s invention of the wheel. As it rolled around it both left and acquired ‘particles’. Many of these wee pieces made it to the land of sandy shores and majestic mountains to establish their ‘roots’.  Here they were nourished and loved by desire and necessity.  It was from those seedlings that I became “Me” and surrounded by “culture’ that gave me comfort and pride.

For those that have never know the joy of ‘digging in the dirt’ and planting perhaps this will help you understand my analogy.  Take a yam (sweet potato) emerge it in dirt, keep it watered and fed and it develops roots, then long lucious vines and blooms that spread out and ‘take root’ where the blossoms fall, in turn, they produce more roots and vines….all can be traced to the starter (mother) root. They are individual, and faint as it may be, they are still attached and influenced by the seedling roots that came before.  NEGLECTED or broken they can die. They as like children need care and nourishment.

So, just what is “culture” anyway?  Is it a language, a tradition/custom, rules, color or religion? It’s a melting of all into a single grouping.  Now of course there are different cultures around the world, yet, all have a common root.  Each has it’s own richness and beauty…..also flaws….Perfection is not found in any man, but in our Creator.  We work to further its worth and our sense of well being…..We do not work to destroy or ‘cancel’ it.  for that would cancel us as well.  Anyone tapping into their commonsense lobe knows that without a past and present, there is no future.

Long before I had any idea of what a national anthem was, I knew that when I heard the “Star Spangled Banana” I was supposed to stand up at attention and that never ever was the flag representing One Nation Under God was to touch the dirt.  With nary a clue as to what a “British” was I knew of his wild night ride to warn that they were coming.  I was told stories of General Grant and Robert E. Lee and that both fought for me!  I visited the Alamo where even more men like Daniel Boone with his silly hat and other brave souls fought to bring sovereignty to my country.  I learned of the struggles and sacrifices of families pushing westward into untamed lands, of those men in funny clothes huddled around candlelight to write the ‘rules for this new nation that would be carried far into their future and beyond mine. More modern times have found men leaving behind their families to shed their blood and die to keep this land of our FREE. And many still do now and will tomorrow…..Without hesitation, I can say that this is the culture that God has given me and I shall be forever grateful and indebted to those nourished the roots and graceful vines of my culture.

NO don’t you dare yank MY roots….Do whatever trips your trigger to yours and that includes canceling yours.  I would offer your some advise from my culture…..Respect yourself,then others can respect you.



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