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Islamic Radicals have nothing on Cancel Culture

Nationally syndicated radio host Todd Starnes praised Tulsi Gabbard Wednesday after she blasted cancel culture, comparing it to the barbaric actions taken by Islamic terrorists.

The former Democratic congresswoman from Hawaii spoke to Fox News host Trey Gowdy Tuesday night about the outcome of the leftist tactic.

“You see the final expression of cancel culture in Islamist terrorist groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda,” she said. “Who basically go and behead those who they deem to be infidels or heretics in order to silence them.”

Gabbard said the terrorists do it “in order to protect others from being misled by those heretical ideas in the eyes of ISIS or Al Qaeda.”

She compared it to cancel culture in the U.S.

“We see those efforts to cancel or silence those that they don’t want the people to hear from,” she explained.

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