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CRT and Ethnic studies is just the beginning!

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Can American parents prevail in the battle for the hearts, minds, and souls of their children? It is a question whose answer will be determined by our immediate action, or lack thereof, in the coming years. We’ve already fallen behind. We are focused mostly on Critical Race Theory (CRT) because of its aggressive and pervasive demonization of whites and victimization of non-whites, but we need to expand our focus to see the bigger picture — and fast. There are other critical theories that are equally as damaging to children that need our attention.

Although CRT proponents claim that they bring healing, in truth they act to realize a Marxist agenda by indoctrinating our children with their teachings. That is why we must become aware of the other critical theories our children are exposed to: Critical Queer Theory (CQT) and Critical Feminist Theory (CFT) are two other major critical theories in the mix.

CQT was birthed in the 1990s with the intent to challenge what society views as “normal” in terms of the dichotomy between heterosexuality and homosexuality.

Here’s evidence of how this has manifested in the classroom. 

On November 27, a teacher named Nalo proudly tweeted a photo and this comment on Twitter:

“My students call me Professor Nalo because I prefer not to use Mrs. or Mr. in my classroom. I teach all subjects as a 1st grade teacher, but my favorite moments are always when my students ask about my queerness.”

Nalo went on to elaborate that the elementary children she teaches have not only met her wife but have fiercely defended her if others call her “Mister” or “Miss” rather than “professor.” In addition to the many other deceptions foisted on these children and the adults she badgers into submission, it should be noted that Nalo is not a professor. Nalo is a grade school teacher successfully indoctrinating six-year-olds.

Story continues at: Ethnic Studies

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