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Joey B’s economic fairytale

On Friday, Steve Forbes, Chairman of Forbes Media, criticized President Joe Biden’s remarks on the new jobs report, saying that it is nothing but a “fairytale” about economic recovery.

“He ignores the fact that before the COVID crisis hit, American unemployment was lower. Lower-income people’s wages were rising at a faster pace than the rest of the workforce and things were going in the right direction,” Forbes told “The Faulkner Focus.”

Biden trumpeted a low unemployment rate even though the country added fewer jobs in December than expected. Of course he did, because that’s what his handlers wrote down.

Forbes said that Biden “hobbled the recovery from COVID as the lockdowns ended.”

Former President Donald Trump set things up so that all Biden had to do was sit in the White House watching reruns of Matlock while they fed him handfuls of grapes and he would have been lauded as a great American president. Trump did all the work. But the problem is, Joe Biden didn’t go to the White House to help improve Americans’ lives. He went there to punish, to control, and to break the will of the electorate to accept a Democrat ruling class. Since he took office, he has been running a Cloward and Piven strategy to destroy our economy so that the leftists’ Great Reset would usher in socialist policies that will keep them in the ruling elite class and the rest of us will work to make their lives sustainable.

“His war on oil and gas, for example, rising energy costs, which hits everyone,” Forbes said.

Biden said that his (handlers’) economic plan is working since the jobs report indicated the US economy added a record 6.4 million jobs in 2021.

Story continues at: Biden’s Economic Phantasy

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