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Students now want COVID PAY? REALLY?

Chicago Public Schools students walked out of classes on Friday and made several demands, including a return to remote learning and coronavirus “stipends” for students.

Students from around the CPS system walked out of class at 12:30 p.m. on Friday, with some going to the system’s headquarters in downtown Chicago to voice their demands.

The protest was organized by a group called Chi-RADS, which describes itself as an “organization of allied, radical CPS high schoolers from every corner of the city to organize to create an education system that best serves us.”

On Monday, the group issued their list of 39 demands on Twitter, stating that the CPS “neglects” to address “subpar conditions.”

Part of the students’ demands include that all classes shift to a remote format for two weeks while individual schools work on a plan to involve parents, students, parents, teachers, and administrators in their decision-making on coronavirus policies. Once a plan is finalized, the students are demanding that the plan be put up for a vote by the school body.

In one set of demands, the group states that the CPS should “fully” fund public transportation for students, “reload EBT cards,” and provide “covid relief stipends” to students.

The group posted their chants on Twitter, which include “f–k these racist a– police.”

“hey hey ho ho, lori lightfoot’s got to go,” reads another chant used by the group. “No more oppression, Change is now in session!”

According to Fox 32 Chicago, some students protested near City Hall, in addition to their own schools.

“Many of us are worried about not only our health, but our teacher’s health, our janitor’s health, even our administration’s health,” one student said during the protest.

Story continues at: Students want more money!

Joe Messina

Joe Messina

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