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Dems go dirty again!

Last week, I highlighted a particularly ridiculous attempt from Rep. Jim Banks’ (R-IN) Democratic opponent, Aaron “AJ” Calkins, to get the congressman banned from running for office. In a filing from February 6, 2022, Calkins tried to claim that Banks shouldn’t be able to run because of what Calkins simply wrote was “Violation of 14th Amendment Supporting An Insurrection.” As Tom Davies reported for AP on Friday, the state election commission, comprised of two Democrats and two Republicans, voted unanimously to reject Calkins’ bid.

Davies’ reporting mentions statements from Banks’ attorney, who said that “Congressman Banks has publicly commented that he did not support that conduct, nor did he engage in it, and he has also called for the prosecution of unlawful conduct that occurred that day.”

Banks himself also released a statement, just as he had when condemning what he referred to as Calkins’ “joke allegation” last week.

“Congressional Democrats know that they are toast after November. Instead of fighting fair, or implementing policies to help Americans and their electoral chances, they’re trying to rig the game. Many Democrats in Washington hope to weaponize the 14th amendment to disenfranchise President Trump’s 74 million voters. I hope they watched today’s unanimous decision,” Banks said.

Banks also had a message overall for Democrats with renewing his commitment to winning re-election. “Biden’s failed presidency has brought America to the brink and Congress’s oversight role is more important than ever. I look forward to holding this administration accountable on behalf of all Hoosiers after 2022,” Banks continued.

Paul Okeson, the commission’s Republican chairman is also quoted in Davies’ article, calling the Capitol riot a “regrettable mark in history,” but also said that there was no evidence Banks was guilty of taking part in what Calkins and fellow Democrats, as well as many in the mainstream media, have called an “insurrection.”

Story continues at:  Dems play dirty

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